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Simple Ways to Turn Risk Into Results

Our Services

Project Governance
Portfolio Management

We help organizations provide a framework for developing, aligning and executing project deliverables with their organizational goals, managing their risks and achieving the value defined by their business strategies. A balanced project organization must have strong program / portfolio leadership and steering committees to support the engagement of the project team.

Project Management, Monitoring and Control

We look at project management from a customer experience perspective to maximize repeat projects, all receivables are paid and the customer becomes a reference. It is no longer enough to deliver projects on time and within budget. We support the project team from project initiation to final hand-over by strengthening your internal processes. Coach and support project management teams.

Interim Management and Troubled Project Turnaround

We are experts to turn a troubled project around. It requires specialized skills to quickly develop and execute the project recovery plan. Some of the warning signs you should never ignore include: the customer is no longer on the same page as you, threat of penalties or litigation, unexpected activity levels, unpaid invoices, pending change orders, forecasts or schedule are constantly changing.

We provide support and expertise at all stages of the dispute resolution process. When a problem reaches the level of a dispute, it defocuses group effort and diverts energy from priority activities. Before going too far, it is important to carry out a serious and impartial claim assessment by diving in depth just enough to have a clear vision. To reach a settlement faster, make sure you have the right messenger, the right documentation, and the right timing.

Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)

There’s no doubt that project documentation is a vital part of project life cycle. We encourage the smart use of standard office tools such SharePoint and Office 365 to manage the large volume of emails, documents, and lists. Collect documents and emails seamlessly through Outlook and populate “structured” libraries. Monitor bid assumptions, issues, risks, and changes. Speed up and improve the substantiation of claims, billing...

We offer coaching as a particularly effective way to engage your PMs, develop your internal knowledge and keep the lessons learned. Not all organizations have the right expertise at the portfolio / coordination level to support PMs in complex situations. PMs are often thrown out of their comfort zone and may not be comfortable sharing their fears and uncertainties with their functional manager. We also offer various training courses as part of our consulting missions or as stand-alone.

People we work with

We work with Industries, Contractors and large Equipment Suppliers to deliver capital expenditure projects from start to finish and closure. Our EPC project experience and track record are available to support your challenges.

We work with Organizational Consulting Firms to support their clients in their capital projects for complex contract such as FIDIC or NEC, M&A portfolio due diligence, risk analysis or operation improvement.

We work with International Financing Institutions such as World Bank Projects & Operations in delivering project components to achieve strategic objectives and to create local expertise in project management.

We work with Owners to define the appropriate contract and procurement structure with contractors, engineers, and architects. Risk management related to delegated design-built and EPC contracts. Prevention of cost overruns and delay.

We always keep an eye on the big picture, even when it’s time to roll up our sleeves and participate actively in operations.

Our Markets

Our expertise supports the delivery of capital projects worldwide. We have an in-depth understanding of contracting business and extensive expertise in project management for various markets, public sectors as well as highly regulated markets such as Transportation, Nuclear, Power and Oil & Gas. 

Our experience includes projects in Europe, North America, Middle East, Africa and Southeast  Asia.


The energy sector is highly regulated with complex engineering, a high level of documentation, strict adherence to deadlines and milestones. This requires a perfect project execution.

Water Treatment Market Alizes Management


Building drinking water and sanitation infrastructures present contractual and logistic challenges in some countries. When it comes to water treatment, high-end industries have set the projects performance bar extremely high.

Infrastructures and Mines

Each construction project poses unique challenges with a plethora of parameters to take into account and time is of the essence. The impact of any failure can be devastating for the project team and other stakeholders.

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