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Interim Management and Troubled Project Turnaround

Carrington Power Station

Manchester, United Kingdom
Carrington Power Station

Carrington Power Station

Manchester, United Kingdom

Design built type of contract to deliver a water pre-treatment plant and treatment plant from the Manchester Shipping Canal and River Mersey in Partington. Work performed for the M&E subcontractor.


The project management team was faced with the dual challenge of overcoming the disruptions caused by the main EPC contractor and dealing with the contractual disputes about delays, payments and performance specifications.

Interim Management and Troubled Project Turnaround
  • Assessment of the project situation (work to be completed, in scope/out of scope, disputed contractual specification...

  • Appoint and follow-up weekly with a senior recovery project manager. 

  • Confirm the internal project plan with the project team; resources, organization, clarify scope to eliminate all gray areas. 

  • Implement communication strategy, cut off all unofficial communication channels and centralize everything with the PMO.

  • Improve notification processes for early warning, disruptions, changes, issues and formalize all meetings with minutes, all important calls with confirmation emails. 

  • Help the team to review and firm up the project schedule and communicate it with the customer (EPC contractor). 

  • Report of progress frequently. Implementation of a productivity measurement and management system. 

  • Completion of all commissioning and testing activities, backed up with reports and pictures, even if denied by customer.

Claims & Dispute Resolution
  • Assessment of potential claims and available documentation.

  • Review the chronology of events since the pre-contractual negotiations to date, assemble, organize, and review the facts, evidence, and documents bearing on the claims (emails, deviation lists, letters, documents, minutes of meeting, progress reports, pictures...).

  • Support and coach local project management team with strategies and negotiations.

  • Act as escalated level in negotiations with the customer.

  • Expertise and assistance to legal counsel for legal proceedings.

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