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We will help you to take your project management to the next level

SharePoint PMIS

We are project management experts with extensive PMIS experience. Whether you work with an internal IT department or outsource, we will work in partnership with your team so that they take ownership of the solution.

We understand your business, we know the pros and cons of technology and the risk of making it too complicated when it comes to implementing the best PMIS for your business.

Our services

The approach to successfully implementing your PMIS is based on four essential steps that are proven and not paying enough attention to any of them can jeopardize the success of the implementation.

  • Audit and strategy

  • Design

  • Implementation

  • Training and support

You may already have SharePoint. It comes free with most Windows servers and Office 365 commercial licenses and is used by more than 70% of Fortune 500 companies. It is a kind of interconnection between the Office suite, Outlook and One Drive. SharePoint is a user-friendly web platform for centralizing information and helping users manage and collaborate with it.

SP Out of the Box

When enough is enough: Applying effective improvements and avoiding change saturation


There are a plethora of project documentation management systems available in the market. With most of them, you will have to adapt your operation to the design of the system. As an established business, you probably already have many proven and accepted business processes. If you are a large global company, your local entities have their own culture, their own practices. You do not want to disturb your operation, simply to improve the existing.


Capital project organizations with well-established processes for managing their portfolios can achieve significant improvements in productivity and satisfaction by supporting project management teams with appropriate applications. Improved issues tracking, email and document management, project change management and project communications will provide most businesses with a significant return on investment. It also gives senior managers the necessary visibility they need on their portfolio.

Out of the box, SharePoint comes stocked with all the project management tools your business will need.

PMIS Hand Writing.png

Out-Of-The-Box SharePoint comes with all the features necessary to produce a functional PMIS without code that can easily be managed and maintained by your IT team (internal or outsourced). In the first phases, we will recommend SharePoint training to allow your IT team and advanced users to collaborate in the development of the PMIS. So that at the end, your team owns the solution

Detailed Services

More about our services

Plenty of companies have learned through trial — and error — that technology can not get too far ahead of users. It has to be simple and beneficial to users in some way, whether it is to save time, save money, reduce risk or provide a more pleasant and stress-free experience for everyone involved in your project.  Based on our operational experience, we support our customers with establishing simple and collaborative project management information system (PMIS). We are not a programming company or a software vendor.


Audit and strategy

Definition of requirements: we work with your operational and IT teams to define the requirements (user stories)

  • Audit of project documentation and management processes

  • Additional training recommendations for your advanced users and IT departments

  • Define the scope and limits of PMIS

  • Create user stories (definition of PMIS requirements) in collaboration with your operations and your IT teams



  • SharePoint PMIS implementation plan

  • Design of the solution structure



Management of PMIS implementation with your IT department, management of IT consultants if necessary

  • Prepare proofs of concepts

  • Support your IT team / consultant to configure your SharePoint Intranet

  • Develop your PMIS solution with your IT team (internal or outsourced)

  • Preparation of project templates


Training and support

Train the trainers: we provide training to your internal power users on the PMIS solution

  • PMIS structure and organization for IT teams and consultants

  • Use and collaboration with SharePoint for users (training of trainers)

  • Support for process improvement

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