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Project Governance and portfolio management

Hinkley Point C nuclear power station

Somerset, United Kingdom
Hinkley Point C nuclear power station

Hinkley Point C nuclear power station

Somerset, United Kingdom

Ovivo UK Limited, was awarded a major contract by EDF Energy, to provide the cooling water intake screening system for the new Hinkley Point C nuclear power station with duration is estimated at 5 years. The scope of work includes the design, fabrication, delivery, technical support during the erection and commissioning of the equipment. Once installed, the Drumscreens will be the largest screens of their type in the world. See press release.


Project size greater than the normal threshold of the organization, with a complex contract scheme, a longer duration than usual and in a highly regulated sector. From the tender phase, the project was identified as requiring specific supervision. The project management team was faced with the dual challenge of dealing with a FIDIC contract where every event must be documented and notified on time, as well as dealing with the nuclear sector's requirements for documentation, confidentiality and traceability on components and quality controls.

Project Governance and portfolio management
  • Act at corporate level as expert to help set up the project framework, organization, resource selection, programming, risk management, monitoring and control, reporting.

  • Coaching of the project manager for the implementation of KPIs and reporting for the steering committee.

  • Active member of steering committee with specific mandate to support CEO and senior VPs to provides support, guidance and oversight of progress.

Project Management, Monitoring and Control
  • Provide guidance on commercial management, notifications and change process to protect the rights of future claims.

  • Work with finance to train and coach project team on the measurement and management of the earned value, mainly for the cost of labor.

  • Onboarding consultant to support the implementation of a rolling wave programming strategy and sporadic support relating to the interpretation of FIDIC rules.

  • Sporadically deep diving for specific risk assessment.

Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)

A PMIS using a SharePoint platform has been implemented to manage mainly:

  • Structured document and email libraries per disciplines seamlessly connected to Outlook for dragging and dropping email and attachments into SharePoint and capturing associated metadata along the way.

  • Confidential documents (UK Protect) management.

  • Controlled versions of engineering documents deliverables.

  • Controlled communication in and out with customer and suppliers.

  • Risk and issues logs.

  • Procurement documents management per cost codes, purchase orders and suppliers.

  • Procurement schedule.

  • Project management documents and reports

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