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Project Management, Monitoring and Control

Regional desalination plants (9 RO plants)

Ouargla, Algeria
Regional desalination plants (9 RO plants)

Regional desalination plants (9 RO plants)

Ouargla, Algeria

The EPC contractor was a consortium between an Austrian water treatment contractor and a Chinese civil contractor. The consortium was awarded a design-built-operate contract for 9 desalination plants in the Ouargla region, in Algeria. Project was awarded in 2010, interrupted for about a year by the customer and further delayed for different reasons including the lack of intake water in the boreholes.


Project was on a watch-list presenting signs of distressed project. After organizational changes in the EPC contractors' company, the project became part of a legacy project portfolio under corporate supervision.

Project Management, Monitoring and Control
  • Support local project management in the preparation of the completion schedule, updates and follow-up of schedules, and schedule analysis.

  • Strengthen procurement process and purchase order bookings, approval and documentation using the existing ERP and the PMIS.

  • Develop monitoring and control systems for various aspects of the project; Costs, Risks, Procurement, Documentation, Changes.

Project Governance and portfolio management
  • Identify strategic objectives of goals and follow up with the project management team and steering committee.

  • Align the project management with standardized monitoring, control, and reporting tools.

  • Perform specific assessments, project reviews

Claims & Dispute Resolution
  • Assessment of delays and changes that occurred during construction impacting the schedule, consequently impacting the project in its completion. 

  • Perform a delay analysis using the baseline programme, introducing revisions, delays and identifying the concurrent delays. 

  • Prepare a factual and easy-to-understand narrative that describe the information used, the problem encountered, the analyses carried out, and the results in term of cost and time. 

  • Support and coach local project management team with strategies and negotiations for times, cost, price escalation and contractual terms for taking over. 

  • Act as escalated level in negotiations with the customer.

Project Management Information Systems (PMIS)

Implementation of a PMIS using SharePoint to manage project documentation, emails, procurement, issue tracking and claim substantiation.

Training & Coaching

Mentoring project manager over 2 years on customer management, issue management, dispute resolution and communications.

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