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Interim Management and Troubled Project Turnaround

Sea water desalination plants

Ajman, UAE
Sea water desalination plants

Sea water desalination plants

Ajman, UAE

The Federal Electricity and Water Authorities (FEWA) seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) plants at New Qidfa and Al Zawrah, United Arab Emirates produce respectively 13,650 m3/day and 27,300 m3/day of potable water from Gulf of Oman with energy recovery technologies. The EPC Contractor was awarded a design-built contract in consortium with a local civil contractor for the civil works and building services.


Project showed signs of distressed project. Project management was no longer able to forecast time and cost and customer had indicated its intention to claim late delivery penalties. The relation with the consortium partner was affected by internal dispute on the responsibility for delays.

Interim Management and Troubled Project Turnaround
  • Assessment of the project situation (financials, scope, schedule, quality, customer relationship).

  • Include the project in a specific portfolio to reduce impact of normal operations.

  • Maintain the project management in place with close coordination, retaining the knowledge of the project and using the opportunity for training.

  • Confirm the with the team the understanding of the scope to eliminate all gray areas.

  • Cut off all unofficial communication channels and centralize everything with the PMO.

  • Improve notification processes for early warning, disruptions, changes, issues and formalize all meetings with minutes, all important calls with confirmation emails.

  • Help the team to review and re-baseline the programme more realistically and implement close monitoring / management of the activities of the civil consortium partner.

  • Report on progress frequently with the customer and civil partner. 

  • Completion of all commissioning and testing activities.

Claims & Dispute Resolution
  • Negotiation of a global settlement with the customer on extended warranty, time extension and operation cost.

  • Assessment of potential claims and available documentation.

  • Review the chronology of events, assemble, organize, and review the facts, evidence, and documents supporting the claims.

  • Support and coach local project management team with strategies and negotiations.

  • Act as escalated level in negotiations with the customer.

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