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What is a SharePoint PMIS?

All projects generate a lot of information in the form of emails, documents, templates, reports and a host of other things. Here is an attempt to define it simply what is a Project Management Information System (PMIS). Purist and geeks, please forgive the simplicity.

In simple terms, a PMIS is the set of tools provided to project teams to do their work. In most companies, there are enterprise tools for certain functions shared across the enterprise. For example, costs and purchases are managed with the company's ERP. Therefore, when we talk about a PMIS in the world of project management, we usually mean a set of tools provided to perform the specific work of project management.

A simple SharePoint PMIS can include support for documents, lists, forms, registers, emails, meetings, and workflows to cover the entire project life cycle. The benefits of a PMIS can be summed up at a high level as follows:

  • Offer mobility and flexibility with secure authorization and no risk associated with copies made by users

  • Easily centralize relevant emails in a user-friendly way

  • Store your documents productively and securely thanks to version control, approval workflows, without duplication and without adding burden to users

  • Smart way to use lists and registers by linking them to relevant documents, calendars and tasks

  • Notifications (new item in the risk log, due date, overdue tasks, summary of weekly correspondence, etc.)

The SharePoint PMIS should be the link between your existing systems to fill the gaps and provide additional possibilities for documents & emails, lists, registers, collaboration, workflows, notifications, views, search…

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